Alternative Care
for Children in Uganda
A government and civil society partnership
to support the Alternative Care Framework

The Alternative Care Framework

The government of Uganda in consultation with civil society has developed a set of official standards and processes to be used when responding to the plight of orphaned and vulnerable children. It is called the Alternative Care Framework. This website explains the priority of options in the continuum of care that forms the basis of the Framework.

This website provides resources for Government staff overseeing child care projects in their districts. It also provides resources for Civil Society organisations involved providing child care services and other related projects.

Alternative Care Framework

As an alliance of individuals, government and organisations working in Uganda, we appreciate the overwhelming care and concern for our children by the international community, including governments, churches, organisations and individuals.

We are increasingly concerned by the way our children are often described and their best interests not upheld. A number of organisations fail to recognise and to work within the legal frameworks of Uganda. Though intentions may be good, such organisations often end up working against national policies and programmes designed to strengthen child welfare provisions.

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