Alternative Care
for Children in Uganda
A government and civil society partnership
to support the Alternative Care Framework


This section provides resources for Government employees, and for NGOs and others involved in child care in Uganda.

Child Care Institution Assessments

This assessment toolkit and associated supporting documentation has been created to assist Probation Social Welfare Officers (PSWO) and Child Care Institutions to achieve compliance with the Children (Approved Home) Regulation 2010. If you run a child care institution, you need to comply with these requirements to gain an 'Approved Home' licence.

Children's Laws in Uganda

This handbook presents an easy to understand interpretation of the various laws concerning children in Uganda. Everyone involved in providing or overseeing children's services will find this a great place to start.

Baseline Studies

These two Baseline Reports provide detailed information about the state of institutionalised care in Uganda.

Ministerial statement

In case there is any question about government policy, the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social development has made a clear statement. "Poverty and the consequent inability of parents to adequately care for their children should be seen as a call for economic strengthening of families, not as an opportunity to draw children into institutional care or to put them up for inter-country adoption."

The Children Act

The Children Act is the law governing Care Orders, Foster Care and Adoption, and the requirements for Child Care Homes. Everyone involved in overseeing or providing care for children in Uganda should study and apply these regulations. There is a revised Children Act under consideration by Parliament.

Children (Approved Homes) Rules 2013

Every child care facility in Uganda should be aware of and implement the requirements of the Children (Approved Home) Rules 2013. Meeting these requirements is mandatory to be able to provide child care legally in Uganda.


4. Application for approval.
(1) A person shall not operate a home to care for children without the approval of the Minister.

7. Existing homes.
(1) A home that is in existence before the commencement of these Rules, shall within three months of the commencement of these Rules apply to the Minister for approval to care for children.